Common Foot Treatments


Corns often occur on weight-bearing areas of the foot, or those areas experiencing high pressure. There are several types of corn some can be quite passive and cause little practical concern, whilst others can be extremely painful. Either way, a corn is an indication of a specific problem, something we can diagnose and treat appropriately.


Verrucas are generally contracted at communal places such as swimming pools and changing areas. They are similar in appearance to corns, but have visible small black dots at their centre and can be quite painful.

Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infections usually affect your toenails, but you can get them on your fingernails, too

A very common issue that affects around 3 in every 100 person in the UK. Toenails can appear yellowy brown in colour and begin to crumble when infected. Although it’s not particularly painful at first, over time as the nails thicken more pain can occur as more pressure is placed upon the nail bed.

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Calluses are areas of thick yellowing skin on the feet which can sometimes make walking very painful. They typically occur on areas of the foot exposed to excessive pressure or friction – there can many reasons for this but a typical situation would be poorly fitting shoes or the thinning of the fatty tissue under the ball of the foot.

Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is an infection caused by fungus that can appear in between the toes and on the feet. It may make the skin red, flaky and itchy and as the name suggests those playing regular sport are at particular risk. Whilst with treatment it can clear it up in a matter of days, if misdiagnosed the symptoms can persist for months if not years

Foot & Nail Care

Correctly cutting, filing and reducing the thickness of the toe nails, removing areas of hard skin and providing advice on suitable products related to the overall care of your feet. This is increasingly important as we age or suffer reduced mobility as routine foot care becomes very difficult to perform ourselves.

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